Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you'll know your role as a global admin and how to manage your company's Envoy account.

  • Navigate the Envoy dashboard and between locations with ease

  • Populate and manage your employee directory using your chosen method

  • Understand admin roles and be able to assign them to your employees

  • Customize your location settings to match your company's brand

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Envoy Academy!

    2. Your role as global administrator

    3. Envoy products

    4. Envoy mobile

    5. Using the help center

    6. How to submit a mobile bug report

    7. Contacting Envoy support

    1. Chapter 1 Introduction

    2. Envoy account structure

    3. The Envoy home page

    4. Chapter 1 Quiz: Setting up your account

    1. Chapter 2 Introduction

    2. What is the Employee directory?

    3. Manually adding employees

    4. Adding employees via CSV

    5. Using SCIM to add employees

    6. How to assign admin roles

    7. The difference between global and location admin roles

    8. Chapter 2 quiz: Employee directory and admin roles

    1. Chapter 3 Introduction

    2. Managing location settings

    3. Adding your company logo

    4. Chapter 3 quiz: Location settings

    1. Chapter 4 Introduction

    2. Navigating between locations

    3. Adding a new location

    4. The global overview

    5. Chapter 4: Location management quiz

    1. Introduction to billing

    2. Using the billing page

    3. Designating a billing admin

    4. Workplace and Visitors billing

    5. Chapter 5: Billing quiz

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