Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you'll know how to set up and manage your location's Workplace.

  • Create custom employee reservation flows and define the length of time employees can reserve in advance.

  • Design a workplace map to guide users around your space, complete with bookable desks and amenities.

  • Use the employee log to track who is onsite and make data-informed decisions about your space.

  • Set up a delivery area, use Envoy mobile's smart scanner to automatically populate the delivery log, and notify employees of packages.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Envoy Academy!

    1. Introduction to Employee reservation

    2. What is employee reservation?

    3. Sign-in flow rules and denials

    4. Setting up reservation instructions

    5. Disabling the employee reservation flow

    6. Setting a scheduling limit

    7. Using the employee log

    8. Chapter 1 quiz: Employee reservations

    1. Introduction to Desks and Maps

    2. Adding desks via CSV

    3. Adding a floor map and placing desks

    4. Using neighborhoods and assigning desks

    5. Quiz: Desks and Maps

    1. Introduction to using desks and maps

    2. Booking a desk on web

    3. Booking a desk on mobile

    4. Booking a desk on behalf of others

    5. Editing an existing desk reservation

    6. Quiz: Using Desks and Maps

    1. Introduction to Deliveries

    2. Scanning a delivery

    3. Delivery notifications

    1. Conclusion

    2. Course Feedback

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